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Chasing advertisers is the worst way to monetize your podcast

What would it look like if just 8% of your audience started paying you $7 per month? $1,000? $3,000? $20,000 per month?

These are the numbers we're seeing over and again.

The numbers are in, seeking ad sponsorship is the wrong way to monetize for 95% of podcasters. Stop wasting your time playing a broken game and start earning more money by implementing a paid membership model for your raving fans.

What do we mean by 'Membership' exactly?

It's quite simple actually, your biggest fans pay you monthly to be a part of a members-only group that receives exclusive, members-only bonus content and various perks (don’t worry about exactly what that bonus content is, we're here to help).

But why would people pay me 

to be a member?

Why wouldn’t they? We live in a world where people are able to customize their entertainment and pay for what they love. Right now, you’ve got a whole audience of people that love you!

All you need to do is figure out how you can provide your audience with additional value.

What would I even offer my paid members?

Coming up with bonus content for your members is truly the easiest part of the entire process.  There are a few tried and true strategies that we’ve seen work very, very well. Drop your email in the form below to get a copy of our free guide: 

"10 Ways to Create Bonus Content for Your Members"

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How it Works


We help you set up all the technical infrastructure.  Adding the membership portal and e-commerce functionality to your site.


We help you define your content strategy for your bonus incentives. What will we offer to get your audience to become members? This is the easy part.


We'll help you set up a launch strategy focused on getting the greatest number of membership sign ups. We typically see about a 5% conversion in the first month. 

Still doubtful the model can work? Check out some of these success stories to see it in action:

Success Stories

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