We have reach

Our 600+ graduates of the Zelikow School have held jobs across the Jewish nonprofit landscape in legacy organizations and startups.


These are some of the current jobs held by our ZSchool alumni:

  • VP Community Planning and Impact, Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta
  • Executive Director, Washington DC Region, American Jewish Committee
  • Executive Director, University of Southern California Hillel Foundation
  • Associate Vice President for Development, Seattle University
  • Executive Vice President, Jewish Federations of North America
  • Regional Director- Southeast and Midwest, Washington Institute for Near East Policy
  • Associate Director, Zelikow School of Jewish Nonprofit Management
  • Los Angeles Regional Director, Sharsharet
  • Associate Director, URJ 6 Points Sports Academy
  • Assistant Executive Director, Westside Jewish Community Center
  • Director, Member Services, Congregation Emanu-El of the City of New York
  • Associate Director of Interfaith Relations, Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston
  • Major Gifts Associate, The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles
  • Associate Director, Jewish Women’s Foundation of NY

Student Profiles

Julia Hubner ’17


For eight years after college, Julia worked for Jewish nonprofits, blending her Jewish passion and interest in communications, but she needed additional learning and professional training to further her career. The double M.A. at ZSJNM and USC nailed it for her, balancing rigorous studies in a diverse student cohort, background courses in Jewish history, culture, and thought, and best practices in marketing and messaging. Julia is ready to apply her communications expertise to move the Jewish people forward.

“It is great to see my classwork have a real, immediate impact on a nonprofit organization.”

Ari Kellerman ’16

ZSJNM Certificate

Ari’s background includes an M.A. in Jewish education and teaching for seven years at the Martin Beren Academy in Houston. A few years ago, he was asked to run their summer camp. The experience was new and fun for him, and opened his eyes to how he could contribute on an administrative level. His studies at HUC-JIR have exposed him to innovative ideas and methods that he is taking back to his Houston community.

“There are no two students who have the same career goals. Each of us will be a vital link in the vast system that is the Jewish community.”


Unique ZSchool Learning Opportunities

Field Placement Internships

Fieldwork internships provide supervised and structured professional experiences in a variety of Jewish communal agencies. Guided by carefully constructed educational objectives, the fieldwork internships provide invaluable practitioner and leadership training, engaging students in experiential learning which integrates the classroom and the workplace. Students spend 16 hours/week in their first year internships and 20 hours/week in their second year internships.

Mentorship Program

The lay-professional relationship is critical to organizational effectiveness and success. The ZSJNM Advisory Board sponsors a Mentorship Program matching students with prominent lay leaders in the community to give students an opportunity to explore this partnership in a setting where learning is at the forefront. Mentors provide students the opportunity to see things from the perspective of a lay leader, whether in dealing with issues that arise in the classroom or internships, or through attending Board meetings, fundraising dinners, or solicitations.

Global Seminar in Nonprofit Innovation

The Windmueller Israel seminar is designed to explore major challenges in Israel and how nonprofits have developed creative and innovative ways to meet those challenges. Past trips have allowed the intersection with some of Israel’s high-tech and innovative nonprofit leaders such as Jonathan Medved founder and CEO of Our Crowd and Dyonna Ginsburg, Executive Director of OLAM to understand how problem solving and business principles in the for profit and social enterprise sector can be put to use in nonprofits.

Geller-Gallagher Leadership Institute (GGLI)

We launched the Geller-Gallagher Leadership Institute (GGLI) with a remarkable $1 million gift from HUC-JIR Board member, Jay Geller and his husband Lowell Gallagher in 2016. This program allows us to reach beyond the walls of the classroom by developing and promoting professional and lay leadership in the Jewish nonprofit sector through conferences, seminars, workshops, and speakers’ series.