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Cerus Web Projects

Solution presentation by Lean Mean Creative Machine — June 2020

LMCM has been tasked with re-imagining the Cerus corporate website and related product websites (including campaign launch) in collaboration with Waterhouse Brands. This Solution Presentation outlines goals, scope of work, key solutions, process overview and a critical path forward.


Project 1

Cerus Corporate Website

Primary Goals

Above all else, this website must enforce the Cerus mission of safeguarding the world’s blood supply.  We must do this through our words, our visuals and our architecture. 

Build an infrastructure that supports a focus on 2 products (with the ability to scale products). This includes defining a master navigational architecture that accommodates a multi-product solution.

Elevate design to a more modern layout, interface and aesthetic to create more clarity, ease of navigation, and position the brand as forward thinking and industry leading. 

Introduce strategically driven  structural elements that facilitate user goals. How can we apply design thinking to build creative approaches to our content?

We must build a platform that speaks to both existing and future employees by painting a vivid picture of Cerus’ accomplishments and a roadmap for its future. 

Solution Overview

Now that we know what we need to do, let's talk about how we're going to do it. Here are a few ideas to get us going.

FOllowing the 4 pillars

Craft a powerful hero section that packs a punch. This is our one and only chance to make a first impression and plant a flag in the ground, setting the tone and vision for the rest of the user’s interaction with our brand. We want a hero section that is strong, clear and very certain of itself. The way to communicate that visually is by clearing out the clutter and leading with a singular, strong statement. 

What if we immediately followed our flag planting statement with direct examples of exactly how we are leading the industry and safeguarding the world’s blood supply?

  • A module that shuffles through the Cerus products, briefly describing how they have pushed the industry forward with links to their respective websites. 
  • Also to include pipeline products. 
And then we walk through how we work with our partners, perhaps visualizing the supply chain and highlighting our involvement at each step.

And then, finally, tying it all back to the patient.

  • Perhaps we showcase real life stories of people who have been impacted by our products. 
  • Grid/quilt of images of our patients
  • Visualized data / animated counters of how many people have been positively effected by Cerus products  

Other ideas

  • Rather than building a pipeline page that showcases “whats next” for Cerus, what if we built an interactive timeline that allowed viewers to get a birds eye glimpse of the company’s past, present and future. 
  • Flat versus tiered nav
  • The navigational structure is our first opportunity to better organize the user experience. 
  • Traditional nav bars have been evolving a lot in the last few years. They’re being re-invented and re-imagined to support the unique goals of the organization.  
  • We must determine how heavily we prioritize driving attention to the core products versus other action items and then build a tiered navigation 

Currently the website is divided into a significant number of sub pages. 

  • Dated SEO practices 
  • Audiences > inform strategic content decisions 
  • No need to prioritize organic search traffic
  • Create layers of information 
  • Allow the user to quickly scan to find relevant content and them choose to dive deeper
  • Ex: Blood Matters
  • Consolidating sub pages to Master Section page and 2-3 Sub Section pages. 

Process Overview

Defining a critical path forward.

Project Overview

Defining a critical path forward.

We’ve done this for long enough to know that process is everything. With a great process, we can be efficient, effective, and almost guarantee a successful project outcome. We have honed and refined a very specific process over the years that has led to hundreds of successful projects, here’s a brief overview of how it works. 

Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 9.56.31 AM


Project Lead


Sr Designer
Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 12.51.30 PM


Project Manager


Product Manager

is everything

our 3 tiered Project Management system 

tier 1: Project overview board

Track your project with a birds eye view using your custom Project Board. See a checklist-style breakdown, step by step, from project kickoff to launch.

Tier 2: Weekly Check-Ins

At our weekly check-in we do three things: A) An overview of what we accomplished this week. B) A breakdown of what will be done next week. C) How we're tracking on our overall progress and project timeline.

tier 3: Day-to-day

Finally, you will be given access to a custom Slack channel where you will have direct access to your team for any day to day communications.

Color of Change

Event collateral // program guide

Normalizing Injustice


Innovate LA

2018 Brand identity // website // collateral


Report Identity // Collateral Design // Marketing

Voting While Black

brand Identity // Collateral Design


West Hollywood // Account Direction // Creative oversight

With 10 years in advertising and digital, Shane has overseen the build of over 100 web projects and launched campaigns for the likes of the City of LA, Color of Change and Red Bull. 


DTLA // USC // Snr. Designer

Jess is a designer based in Los Angeles, working at the intersection of creativity and strategy. 

She specializes in brand identity, websites, books, social strategy, content creation, and more. Jess studied at the University of Southern California and fell in love with design when she was an officer of the USC Ski & Snowboard Team and during an internship at Transworld Snowboarding Magazine. After graduation, she moved quickly from junior to mid-level to senior designer, working with local institutions, from Los Angeles Marathon to La Salle High School as well as industry-leading clients, including NASA, Disney, PayPal, NXP, and Google.


San francisco // UC Berkley // Prj. manager

With a background in administration and project management,  Ayesha’s strengths lie in communication, research, and strategic organization. 


Product Manager // Masters in Computer Science

Alva is a dedicated coder and product manager who finds joy in defining creative solutions to complex problems. 

With a background as a software development team leader, her focus includes analyzing and defining requirements; designing, implementing, testing and delivering desktop, large-scale and mobile/web applications and websites.