Part-time project manager/VA for Web Design Agency

Small design agency based in LA looking to grow, seeking a part time virtual project manager (10-20 hrs per week with room to grow).

We’re looking for a self-starter who can take ownership over projects and feels comfortable pushing projects forward. Someone who can implement ideas without significant direction or hand holding, taking it upon themselves to do the research and figure out a solution to a problem.

This position is perfect for you if you are:

  • Rover/Problem Solver: We’re looking for someone who is action-oriented and can fulfill a variety of roles as needed. Sometimes you’ll be handling traditional PM tasks like taking a brief from a client or setting project deadlines and ensuring project execution, but other times we may need you to update content on a WordPress site or in a keynote/powerpoint presentation. Someone who is comfortable adapting to what’s needed in the moment.
  • Flexible hours but availability is key: This position does not require 9am to 5pm hours. Most of the time it just requires checking in a few times throughout the day to make sure everything is on track. Very rarely we may need some help on nights/weekends. At the end of the day, we’re looking for someone who can take ownership over the outcome of the project. When that outcome requires more accessibility and availability, we expect this person to rise to the occasion and respond swiftly during urgent matters.
  • Organized + Good at Follow Up: We have a lot of projects going at once so we need someone who can keep an eye on everything and make sure we’re staying on top of action steps for all projects and preventing things from slipping through the cracks.
  • Detail Oriented: We have heavily documented many of the processes that make the business tick in Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), so we have detailed instructions on how to do most things. However, if you’re the type of person that cringes at doing a job an “established way” because the immediate project obviously needs something different, we want you. Critical thinking and ensuring that the way we’re going about a client’s project makes sense for them and not just because of how it’s been done before, makes you a 1% candidate.
  • Focus on Communication: Do your friends always come to you to help untangle their problems? Does diffusing misunderstandings come naturally to you? A client facing project manager is the psychologist of the advertising world. Your innate ability to ask framing questions to get clarification or approval and desire for fluid and consistent communication to thwart clumsy miscommunications make you essential to the process.
  • Go Getter/DOER: Critical thinking, independent research, and consulting SOPs are always good first steps, but at the end of the day, we’re looking for someone who ultimately favors action.

To recap, this position is NOT RIGHT for you if:

  • If you are the type of person who requires a lot of instruction and hand holding
  • If you are hard to get ahold of
  • If you are quiet or shy

Technical Skillsets:
These are not absolutely necessary but definitely bonuses.

– Basic understanding of WordPress
– Basic understanding of page builders like Elementor or Visual Composer
– Basic understanding of photoshop/indesign (for updating text or swapping images)
– Have a MAC computer
– Experience with Keynote / Power Point

1. Intake project briefs from the client. Ability to process client requests and identify questions that might help fill out gaps in clients initial brief. When on a call, we allow the client to explain the project, then respond with a list of clarifying questions that help the client give us all of the necessary information.

2. Brief internal team on project, coordinate deadlines, and religiously follow up with internal team throughout the course of project to ensure we’re on track.

3. Presenting work to client and coordinating revisions

BONUS if you have taken any personality tests and share the results. Specifically Kolbe or DiSC tests.

Contact: [email protected]